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In The Snow, Trac-Grabber Is A Game-Changing Rescue Device



With a newly engineered rubber block design to provide extreme traction at the point of attack and a redesigned strap for easier attachment to the wheel, Trac-Grabber introduces its next-generation vehicle rescue device.


Peace of Mind in The Elements


With 70 percent of the population living in regions that receive five inches or more snow each year, Trac-Grabber is ideal for drivers who traverse snow-covered roads and are worried about getting stuck and stranded in the elements. Through Trac-Grabber’s block and strap design, any driver can pair the device with their car’s own power to get unstuck from semi-submerged tire situations anytime, anywhere.


“Since 2010, TracGrabber has delivered on its core mission to get vehicles unstuck from a snow, mud, and sand submerged condition where tires simply can’t get the traction required to rescue the vehicle,” states Jim Perry, Trac-Grabber managing partner and product designer. “Our latest product is stronger, has better grip, and is just as light as before so anyone can install it. With all of these benefits, Trac-Grabber provides drivers with instant peace of mind and a sense of confidence knowing they won’t get stranded.”


The rescue device, as light as 1.5 pounds, comes in sizes for cars, trucks, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), four-wheel drive vehicles, and even commercial vehicles (E.g., buses and semi-truck).


How It Works


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Trac-Grabber works by placing its sturdy rubber blocks against each “drive” wheel. The blocks have been modified to fit the shape of the wheel for ideal grip and less slippage. Each block is held in place by Velcro straps that go through an opening in the wheel. In some cases, the hubcap is removed to expose the wheel opening to connect the device. Overall, installation can be completed by anyone within 30 seconds.


Once installed, drivers slowly apply power until the tires rotate to engage the rubber blocks with the surface. The blocks gain traction with the surface, lift and remove the vehicle from its submerged state to allow a driver to get to stable terrain. With a quick unfastening of the Velcro straps, the Trac-Grabber is removed.


Stated Perry, “With the new design based on customer feedback, our team has done it again with our next-generation product that is uniquely positioned to attract new audiences – such as women, young drivers, and even senior/mature adults who don’t want to the stranded. Like a jumper cable, Trac-Grabber is a driver’s insurance policy in the elements to rescue them when they need it most.”


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About Trac-Grabber


Based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Trac-Grabber is dedicated to providing the most dependable vehicle rescue device from mud, snow, sand, and even ice. Beginning at $59.99, the product is sold online at TracGrabber ( and Amazon as well as in retail stores such as Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s, NAPA Auto Parts, and Canadian Tire.

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