AutoWeek: These Mighty Straps

In its article entitled "Here Are the Tools You Need to Get Your Car Unstuck from the Snow," Autoweek states:"These mighty straps are like instant tire chains. Strap one around each tire for extra grip in slush and snow—no digging required and no more spinning tires to dig an even deeper hole to climb out of." Click To Read

Suncruiser Media / 4WD Magazine Reviews Trac-Grabber

Suncruiser Media, publishers of 4WD Magazine reviewed Trac-Grabber. Click the article link below to read the full review. In short, they said , "Yes, they work. Aside from a buddy giving you a tug with his truck, this should be your first recovery technique. Alone on the trail or roadside, you can install them in a few minutes and save yourself the wait for a friend with a truck, or for roadside assistance to get you out and give you...