One product. So many places it can be used to unstuck your vehicle.

You never know when or where the vehicle you – or a loved one – is driving is going to stuck in the snow, mud or sand. That’s why Trac-Grabber was created: to unstuck your vehicle from the elements using EXTREME traction technology. Since 2010, TracGrabber has delivered on its core mission to provide instant driver benefits such as safety, peace of mind, and a sense of confidence knowing they won’t get stranded.

Like a jumper cable, Trac-Grabber is a must-have to keep with your vehicle. It is ideal for:

·        Drivers who travel in snowy regions.

·        People who travel alone and don’t want to get stranded.

·        Hunters and campers who travel into the deep woods that have muddy terrain.

·        Off-roaders who thrive in tackling the muddiest environments with their ATVs and 4WD trucks.

·        Fleet operators who need to keep their vehicles moving to avoid lost time and money.

·        Military operators who can’t afford to have their vehicles stuck when it matters the most.


Our performance device, as light as 1.5 pounds, works by placing its sturdy rubber blocks against each “drive” wheel. The blocks have been modified to fit the shape of the wheel for ideal grip and less slippage. Each block is held in place by Velcro straps that go through an opening in the wheel. In some cases, a hubcap needs to be removed to expose the opening.  


Overall, installation can be completed by anyone within 30 seconds. Once installed, drivers slowly apply power until the tires rotate to engage the rubber blocks with the surface. The blocks then grab the surface, lift and move the vehicle from its submerged state to allow a driver to get to stable terrain. With a quick unfastening of the Velcro straps, the Trac-Grabber is removed.


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