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Mud, Sand, Snow

Trac-Grabbers provide a quick, simple, and effective solution to being stranded and disabled in all types of terrain and adverse conditions.
Just strap on a pair of Trac-Grabbers and rescue yourself with the best vehicle recovery product on the market.




Rescue Yourself with TRAC-GRABBER!

Trac-Grabber is a new revolutionary and inexpensive Vehicle Recovery device which is quickly and easily strapped to the drive wheels of a vehicle which is stuck in the sand, mud, or snow, and enables the vehicle to get unstuck quickly under its own power.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

“We became loyal Trac Grabber customers yesterday after we became stuck going down an incline with our truck and decoy trailer. With no other vehicles around to assist, and calling someone else would take hours to get to us I decided to try the set of Trac Grabbers I had purchased. Guys in our group said there would be NO WAY of getting this unstuck without a tractor or a few others to pull me out. To our amazement, Trac Grabbers were able to move our truck AND trailer back up the incline. Talk about an amazing product. To top it off, I called Jim Perry this morning to order more sets and the customer service was overwhelming. Truly a great experience. IF you do not own a set of these, get some !!! They are that good.”
Foster Bartholow
“To the 2 people who I’ve helped get unstuck just driving on unplowed roads…. Invest in an inexpensive product like Trac-Grabber…. This product saved my back and you from shoveling! You’re welcome!”
Roni | We Are Wild
“I recently found a great product called Trac-Grabbers. They attach to the tread of the tire that is stuck and it literally lifts the tire out of the slippery area and helps to move it along. I was very intrigued by this so I went and tested it out. I found they worked extremely well and very quickly. I was able to quickly fasten them over the tread of the tire and secure it through the rim in a matter of seconds.”
The Safe Driver
Trac-Grabber is very pleased to announce that our product is being promoted throughout Canada on the Wild TV Hunting and Fishing TV Network. Check out the best Off-Roading and Hunting Gear that money can buy. Then order yours today!
Helgie Eymundson | Gear Hunters Wild TV
“My wife and I now feel SAFE when we travel by auto or truck vehicle, so long as we have the “Trac-Grabbers” with us. Not an ordinary “GISMO!” For some folks, I seriously believe it takes away the stress of living in an area (Western New York) where the accelerated snowfall from lake effect storms can appear instantly and stop interstate traffic for 48 hours. Sort of like taking an auto club (Triple-A) with you everywhere, like you have an instant rescue tool in your trunk all the time.”
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Dave Barus AKA Forrest Fisher | Syndicated Outdoor Columnist East Aurora, NY


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Available in Australia & New Zealand

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