Added confidence to conquer your ATV & 4WD adventure without getting stranded

Ahhh… the thrill of off-roading in your ATV or 4WD: The adventure of tackling the worst that nature has to offer, the thrill of the outdoor,s and the fun of conquering the trek. However, when you get stuck in the middle of your adventure, it can be incredibly dangerous with no one around to help and no cell phone reception to dial 911.

When you need it the most, Trac-Grabber is there to save the day to remove your vehicle from being stuck in the muck. Designed to fit your tire to give it EXTREME traction, our  vehicle rescue tool provides added surface grip lift and remove the vehicle from its semi submerged state.

With Trac-Grabber as part of your off-roading gear, you’ll have the confidence to tackle any course knowing you have the ultimate rescue tool ready to assist when needed. Seize the day!