Peace of mind for your spouse and children in the snowy elements.

When bad weather strikes and the snow starts to mount, the stress of having a loved one driving alone in the elements can be scary. After all, the fear of getting stuck alone and stranded can start with a simple slide to a ditch, driving into snow that’s too deep, or even having a snowplow burying your car in a parking lot. And depending on the weather and road conditions, help may be hours away as the temperature drops and snow mounts.

That’s why Trac-Grabber was developed: to empower any able person (man, woman, teenager, senior) to install our EXTREME traction tool within 30 seconds to free their vehicle from the “stuck” state anywhere, anytime.

While having a loved drive driving alone in snowy conditions may always be stressful, Trac-Grabber provides peace of mind and confidence to that loved one knowing they can rescue themselves if the situation arises.