A Good Invention is one that Solves a Problem:

After so many times of getting stuck in the Georgia red clay we figured that there had to be a way to use the 300 horsepower under the hood to get unstuck.  When stuck, power is not the problem but traction is.  When a vehicle gets stuck the tire treads fill up with mud or snow and become like slick bald tires.  We found that attaching traction blocks perpendicular to the tire rotation would provide the extreme traction needed to get unstuck.  Combining the words Traction and Grabber, we called these traction blocks Trac-Grabbers.

Design Criteria:

We had a short list of requirements we felt were important for such a product.  First, it had to be something easy for most anyone to use, and something that would enable a single person to get their vehicle unstuck.  Secondly, we felt it was important for it to be relatively small and easily stowed in a vehicle at all times so that people would likely have it when they needed it.  And finally, it had to be relatively inexpensive and affordable for most anyone.

How Trac-Grabbers Work:

Trac-Grabbers are made up of rubber traction blocks with heavy duty straps.  When a vehicle gets stuck, a Trac Grabber is installed on each drive wheel.  The driver then gives the vehicle just enough power to spin the wheel to the point that the traction block comes in contact with the ground.  Then just enough more power to cause the wheels to ride up over the traction block and off you go.  Once back on stable ground, the Trac-Grabbers are removed and stowed in a carry bag for the next use.

Advantages of Trac-Grabbers:

In addition to meeting the above design criteria, Trac-Grabbers have some big advantages over other “Get Unstuck” products on the market.  A winch for example needs a “winch point” which is not always available within the limited distance of the cable and in the right direction.  And most vehicles are not even suited for a winch installation.  There are many makes of Traction Matts but they are quite large and bulky.  And once a vehicle moves about thirty inches on a traction matt it comes off the matt and is typically stuck again causing the process to be repeated over and over.  The Trac-Grabbers stay attached to the drive wheels providing extreme traction for as long as it takes to get back to stable terrain.  And finally, a tow strap requires another vehicle to pull you out, and a shovel just represents a lot of work.


So, if you want to be prepared for the next time your vehicle gets stuck, save yourself and your family from the delay, inconvenience, and expense of calling for help.  Throw a set of Trac-Grabbers in your vehicles and be ready to quickly and easily use that power under the hood to Rescue Yourself!

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