Hands Down: The World’s Best Device To Unstuck Your Tire.

With today’s modern cars, why would you want to use tools – like a shovel – invented a thousand years ago to unstuck your vehicle’s tire from a hole? They simply don’t work and only cause you grief, frustration and possibly money!

That’s why Trac-Grabber has become the World’s best device to unstuck a vehicle’s tire from the snow, mud or sand. It simply DOES work where others fail.

Using a traction block and strap that anyone can install on a tire in 30 seconds, see video, the car’s own power makes the drive wheel spin, which empowers the traction block to engage the surface that lifts the tire out of the hole. The device stays on as the car moves forward onto safe ground. It’s that simple. It’s that safe. And it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars in tow truck expenses or hours of frustration that comes with being stranded.

What about the other traction devices?

  • Snow Chains – They are difficult to use and could even damage your vehicle with improper installation. Some states have completely outlawed snow chains, while others allow snow chains only in certain situations. Will your teenage daughter be able to install them alone when she really needs it?
  • Mats and Cardboard – These devices are known for easily becoming dislodged when the tire spins and even if some movement has occurred, the mat needs to continuously be repositioned until the vehicle is on safe ground.

In short, don’t trust antiquated products when you or a loved one needs to rescue a vehicle from the snow or mud. Trust the hand-down leader in the field. Trust Trac-Grabber.

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