Stuck in Woods

Three Little Known Survival Tips For Hunter’s Stuck In The Woods.

It’s bound to happen: While on the hunt for fish or game, you get your truck or SUV stuck in the mud or snow deep in the woods.  While you could call a buddy to try to pull you out, often that ends up with two stuck vehicles with no tow truck able to go off road to save you.

What’s a hunter do when this happens? Here are three survival gear items not often mentioned but equally important with water, food, clothes and first aid supplies.

1. TracGrabber – Avoid getting stranded altogether with this device that straps to your sunken tire and, when you apply the gas pedal, lifts the stuck tire out of the mud/snow. It’s small enough to take with you, strong enough to do its job when you need it the most. See how it works at

2. Sharpie Pen – Creating a sign or marker along the road can direct helpers to you. A Sharpie pen is waterproof and the sign you create with its permanent ink won’t run in the rain.

3. Colored Twine Plus Ribbon Bow – Tie a big bow – the kind you would use for a holiday package or tree –  on a tree or sign on the road. Then wind the string from the sign to your vehicle to lead help your way. White string often gets lost or not seen, especially in the snow.

Getting stuck sucks after the hunt. However, as you prepare for the hunt itself, prepare your vehicle for what may come after to rescue yourself.

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