For Life’s Precious Cargo

            She’s all set to strike out and start college several hours away from home.  You’ve seen that she can handle any terrain by teaching her to drive your old 4×4 truck.  You were pleasantly surprised by her determination to learn how to change her own flat tire.  She made you proud by being a safe driver all through high school-not one ticket.  But what about the long stretches of country side with no cell phone reception separating home from campus?  What if she did not simply need to change a tire but instead became stuck?  A passing driver may happen along and lend a hand, but what if no one does?  Or even worse, what if someone did stop, but with wrong intentions.  Now you won’t have to worry, as she’ll be able to quickly get out of such jams along the way with Trac-Grabbers, and its much easier than changing a flat tire.  With the Trac-Grabber tire traction device, she’ll be able to easily get unstuck and back on her way.

            This patented traction device can handle any sticky situation involving a vehicle!  Trac-Grabber offers a full range of products for cars and trucks covering both standard and oversized tires.  They even offer a Quad Pack, which includes four blocks, specifically for 4×4 and all-wheel drive vehicles.  Trac-Grabber’s products are relied upon by ambulance drivers along with countless numbers of commercial drivers.  These tire traction blocks are designed to get the job done in mud, sand, or snow. They are easily attached to the vehicle’s drive wheels and held in place with industrialized Velcro straps.  Once installed the driver simply applies enough power to turn the wheels allowing the traction blocks to come in contact with the ground.  The wheels’ new found traction will allow the vehicle to climb back onto safe, solid ground.   Relying on a sturdy but simple design, Trac-Grabber’s rubber blocks are made with the same materials as commercial tires.  This allows vehicles to drive on them until they are back on a stable driving surface.  These molded rubber blocks are available in an array of sizes to fit any car, truck, or recreational vehicle.  All Trac-Grabbers come in their own drawstring tote bag which can be stored in seat back pockets or glove compartments, and since the Trac-Grabber’s line of products come reasonably priced, the only thing they won’t be grabbing is your wallet! 

            If your teen is a new driver and encounters inclement weather conditions far from home, Trac-Grabber’s line of tire traction devices are a must have.  Does your new driver go camping, hiking, or skiing with friends?  Trac-Grabber’s tire traction devices are as essential as the spare tire they carry with them on those outings.  If they enjoy four wheeling around the lake or along muddy mountain trails, they need to have a Trac-Grabber tire grabber handy to rescue them or a friend while enjoying their day of outdoor fun. Don’t let an unexpected road condition put your loved-ones at risk.  Provide them with the tools they need to stay on the road, so they can rescue themselves arrive home safely. 

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