99.99% of American’s Are Missing This Essential Vehicle Device: Trac-Grabber

When people travel, they love to plan and they love to pack for their trip. 

A quick weekend getaway to the mountains or countryside will account for three suitcases packed, two trips to the bank for cash and an itinerary planned down to the last second. Nearly every conceivable event is planned except one: Getting stuck in the mud or snow. And when it happens, and it will to thousands this fall and winter, the dream getaway quickly turns into a frustrating and possibly scary situation.

It’s a fact that millions of people own a jumper cable for when their battery dies as it’s nice “peace of mind” to have it when you need it.  However, despite being stranded as one of our greatest fears, 99.99 percent of us don’t have the essential gear for when our vehicle gets stuck in the mud, snow or sand… Trac-Grabber.

Light enough for anyone to carry. Small enough to fit under a seat or in your trunk. And easy enough for any person to install in under a minute, Trac-Grabber is a driver’s insurance policy NOT to get stranded because of being stuck in the mud, snow or sand.

Tested and recommended by driving authorities, see https://www.tracgrabber.com/category/news-videos-info/news-2/, Trac-Grabber works by strapping its traction block onto the tire that’s stuck in the hole. As the driver presses the gas pedal, the device rotates with the tire to make contact with the surface. Acting like a paddle on a wheel, Trac-Grabber lifts the tire out of the hole.

It’s that simple. It’s that easy. Trac-Grabber: Always there when you need it most.

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