Getting Manley to the Show

Keith has been hauling show horses for the past five years all across the state.  But none of them were as uneasy about it as a gelding named Manley.  He had been high spirited since he first came bounding out of the Livingston Manor stables.  A rising star, Manley shined at any competition he entered and the Livingston’s were paying good money for Keith to get him to the show on time.  Only thing was Manley’s excitement turned to agitation upon being loaded into a horse trailer. Unfortunately for Keith, that restlessness had now gotten the trailer stuck in deep mud.  Keith was alone and well away from any road when he found himself in this mess.  The show was an hour away and started in just over two.  What was he going to do? 

He remembered the nylon Trac-Grabber bag his son had left in the backseat of the truck after borrowing the truck to go camping.  It was a grabbing device you attached to your drive wheels and his son swore it worked like a charm.  Well, Keith was about to find out if his son knew what he was talking about.  After unloading Manley, Keith took the Quad pack’s four rubber blocks and quickly attached one to all four tires of his 4×4 pickup.  The blocks were made of the same material as his tires and fit snugly to each tire with heavy duty Velcro straps.  The whole process was as simple for Keith as putting on his belt in the morning with his jeans.  In under five minutes Keith had all four tires of his truck fitted up with Trac-Grabber’s tire traction blocks.  Now for the moment of truth.

After starting the truck Keith gently applied the gas and allowed the Trac-Grabber’s blocks to begin gaining traction and slowly, but steadily the truck and trailer began to move forward.  Since the blocks were made of commercial grade rubber, Keith knew he could drive on them until the truck was safely back on firm ground.  As the truck continued climbing, the trailer gave a few kicks and in less than two horse’s neighs, the truck and trailer were freed from the mud hole they had been stuck in.  Keith was astonished at how easily he’d gotten himself unstuck with the help of Trac-Grabber’s patented Quad 4×4 tire traction product.

When he was back on the road it really hit Keith just what a valuable tool Trac-Grabber’s tire traction device was to his small haul business.  The removal of the four blocks and loading up of Manley had all taken less than ten minutes.  Since the Quad 4×4 pack only cost $136 dollars it came much cheaper than a single tow truck charge.  It’s good to know the Trac-Grabber is only concerned with grabbing traction and not your wallet.  And he hadn’t had to wait around for the truck to show up.  As any business owner knows, time is money.  Trac-Grabber tire traction blocks are so ruggedly designed that they’re not simply a purchase, they’re an investment that will pay for themselves many times over.  Keith and Manley arrived at the competition with time to spare, and Keith eagerly shared his Trac-Grabber story with all the other ranch hands.  Having Trac-Grabbers on board really saved the day.  What are you waiting for?   

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