Special Fleet Pricing Available (on all models)

Don’t Lose Time & Money when your work vehicles get Stuck in the Snow or Mud!

How much time and money can you spend waiting for a tow truck to rescue one of your vehicles when stuck in snow or mud? Recent research has proven, it takes more than one hour waiting for a tow truck to arrive. There are additional fees to rescue a vehicle from stuck situation. There is a better way, much less expensive to deal with this costly burdensome problem, "Trac-Grabber" needs to be in your every vehicle in your fleet. It will save you and your team the headaches, time and high costs. You already have a jack and a spare tire in every vehicle, why wouldn’t you add Trac-Grabber to help you in such incidents?  Its the cheapest insurance available!

Fleet Sales Contact:

Diego Dana
Cell: 954-294-7711
Email: Diego@tracgrabber.com

For Government Sales Cage Code: 7PKH9

[New York City] dated April 19th, 2018 Re: RFB B3012 – Traction Grips For Tires:

Trac-Grabber, LLC, known for their excellent vehicle recovery device has been awarded under the above referenced bid with New York City Department Of Education. The bid consists of three models of traction grips based on vehicle type and a one-time training for each contracted bus vendor. The bid by the NYC DOE is to supply each School Bus with the patented Trac-Grabber “Extreme Traction” rescue and recovery device which will enable school bus drivers to quickly and easily get their buses unstuck and back on their route in snow as well as other adverse conditions. READ MORE