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There are a very small percentage of vehicles which are not suited for Trac-Grabbers. It is important to make sure that the Trac-Grabber and the strap have sufficient room to make the full rotation without interference from other parts on your vehicle.
As long as there are holes in the wheel for the strap to go through they will fit on steel wheels. The hubcaps should be removed prior to use.
It is recommended to put a Trac-Grabber on each of the “drive” wheels. This will insure that whichever wheel the power is applied to will get the benefit of the Trac-Grabber to get you unstuck. Otherwise the wheel without the Trac-Grabber may just spin freely
You don’t have to have two pairs but it is highly recommended for getting unstuck from the most difficult of circumstances.
Under normal circumstances if Trac-Grabbers are used at the first sign of getting stuck (as soon as tires begin to loose traction and spin) and before a vehicle is totally bottomed out, Trac-Grabbers will get you unstuck.
Trac-Grabbers have been designed to work in the mud, sand, ice, and snow.
It only takes a couple of minutes to install Trac-Grabbers.
Trac-Grabbers can be used over and over again but it is important to inspect them for excessive wear and tear prior to each use.
Trac-Grabbers will work in forward or reverse. You should take the shortest and the path of least resistance to get back to stable terrain.
Trac-Grabbers are designed to install easily on vehicles which are already stuck and unlike “mat” products, since they are installed on the wheels, they continue to provide the traction needed to get back to stable terrain.