Trac-Grabber, LLC Policies and Acknowledgement

Return Policy

Returns must be received by Trac-Grabber, LLC within 30 days of delivery date. Returns for refund are subject to a 15% restocking charge. Any item that is refused or undeliverable, return shipping will be billed to the customer in addition to the original shipping charges. Trac-Grabbers must be returned in new, unused condition. Credit will be issued less actual shipping charges incurred by Trac-Grabber, LLC. RGA # (return goods authorization) required. No returns accepted without RGA number on outside of package. RGA # MUST BE REQUESTED BY EMAIL at

Rules for using trac-grabbers:

Important: Inspect and ensure that there is clearance between Trac-Grabbers and wheel well, as well as brake and suspension components as the wheel and Trac-Grabber rotates prior to use! Also inspect and ensure that there is no interference between the strap and any components of the vehicle or wheel assembly as the wheel and Trac-Grabber rotates prior to use!

For your convenience and safety:

  1. Follow instructions for installing Trac-Grabbers.
  2. The sooner you install the Trac-Grabbers once your vehicle begins to loose traction and get stuck the better.
  3. Install Trac-Grabbers as tightly as possible by hand.
  4. Do not drive over 5 mph with Trac-Grabbers installed.
  5. Accelerate slowly. Avoid spinning of wheels as much as possible.
  6. If a Trac-Grabber becomes loose, stop immediately and retighten.
  7. Trac-Grabbers are not designed for extended driving. Once the vehicle is unstuck and on solid terrain, Trac-Grabbers must be removed from wheels.
  8. Install Trac-Grabbers on both “drive” wheels whether both wheels are stuck or not. “Drive” wheels are the wheels which receive power from the engine and transmission. If you are unsure, check your vehicle owner’s manual to determine whether your vehicle is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all-wheel drive.

Instructions for use:

  1. Before installing TracGrabbers, stabilize vehicle with Parking Break ON, gear in PARK, and engine OFF.
  2. Tightly secure at least one TracGrabber to each drive wheel. With strap inserted through the slot in the TracGrabber, hold the TracGrabber on the wheel perpendicular to the tire tread with “D” rings on outside facing you. Feed the loose end of the strap through an opening in the wheel from the back side. Feed the end of the strap through the “D” rings and secure the strap with the “hook & loop” to prevent slippage. Install as tightly as possible by hand. Loose TracGrabber may cause damage to the vehicle! DO NOT install strap through opening near Tire Valve Stem.
  3. THOROUGHLY INSPECT WHEEL WELL TO MAKE SURE YOUR VEHICLE HAS SUFFICIENT CLEARANCES. Make sure that there is sufficient clearance between the wheel and the wheel well for the TracGrabber to make a full and unobstructed rotation. ALSO inspect to make sure that there is adequate clearance between the strap and any stationary components of the vehicle for the strap to make a full and unobstructed rotation.
  4. Clear away any dirt, mud, or snow that may impede movement or create resistance to direction of travel from all four tires.
  5. Start engine and disengage Parking Brake. Slowly apply power until tires rotate and engage the TracGrabbers. Slowly apply more power to allow the TracGrabbers to lift and move vehicle. As vehicle begins to move, maintain steady but not excessive power until vehicle reaches stable terrain. Try to avoid spinning the wheels as much as possible.
  6. Turn Vehicle OFF and remove TracGrabbers. Inspect rubber and straps for wear and tear. If any deformities are evident discard and do not reuse

Limitation of liability:

In no event shall Trac-Grabber, LLC nor any of its affiliates or members be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.


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