How to prepare for Hunting Season

True, successful hunters know that hunting season doesn’t begin on opening day; it actually begins in the weeks and months prior to the season. That’s the time to do the needed preparations and the legwork that’s likely to put you in the right place at the right time once opening day arrives. While preparing for the fall hunts isn’t a half-day or even a one-weekend project, there’s still time to get ready. Here are some suggestions:

  • Study the regulations
  • Take a Hunter Education Course
  • Buy licenses, tags, and stamps
  • Spend some time with maps
  • Do some scouting
  • Get to know landowners
  • Shape-up
  • Work with your dog
  • Get home on the (shooting) range
  • Get organized
  • Start scheduling
  • Pack the Trac-Grabbers in your truck! – this device can quickly and easily be strapped to the drive wheels of your vehicle and be extremely helpful if you get stuck in mud or snow. You don’t want to ruin the perfect hunting experience by not being able to rescue yourself in case such unfortunate situation occurs, right?

So, enjoy every moment of this year’s hunting season and be properly prepared so nothing can spoil the fun!

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