Are you and your car prepared for the cold season?

If you are living in the Midwest, you have the amazing opportunity to experience the seasons, right?
Of course preparation for each season is different. But when it comes to winter things can get tough on automobiles. Because vehicles are machines, their sensors and computers react to elements differently. We can try to anticipate, but sometimes Mother Nature can throw us for a loop. In winter, with those cold temps, icy roads and snowy days cars can easily get stuck in snow with no possibility of leaving if you aren’t properly equipped. The newer cars tend to adapt to seasonal change quite well, however you still want to have a plan.

  • Make sure you never leave home without the Trac-Grabbers in your vehicle as it can save your life. Your cars can get stuck in snow when you least expect it, and in such unfortunate situation you need to know you have the rescue device that will get you unstuck.
  • Have an emergency kit. Many vehicles have a storage space in the trunk or hatchback area. You can keep some items there, like a blanket to stay warm, lock deicer, flashlight, flare to let people know where you are, extra clothes in case you get wet or soaked, first aid kit, plastic baggies to gather snow for water, small shovel to dig out and salt to melt ice. It is also good to keep a snack like peanuts or trail mix in case you are stuck for an extended time. Jumper cables are a must to jump-start your battery or help someone else who is stuck and in need of help.
  • Have your recommended service done. This is a good time to put snow tires on, have a complete vehicle inspection and the recommended work done. Make sure to have the condition of your belts and hoses checked. Also include checking your battery, brakes, tires, wiper blades and fluids.
  • If you do not have a set of all-weather mats, the small investment can save your vehicle’s interior carpeting. Snow, sleet, salt and wet can be brutal to the interior and exterior. You can get brand-name ones through the manufacturer or local stores.
  • If you have a garage, use it. Garages are made for vehicles, not all the stuff overflowing from your house. Parking in the garage will help protect your car from the wind, snow and ice.

It is very important to take care of your car just like it is important to take care of yourself. So, do your homework and make sure that you trust your mechanic like you trust your doctor.

Although none of us knows what will happen through the seasons, we can make sure to be prepared and mindful so our car does not end up in the emergency room – and neither do we.

Are you prepared for the cold season?

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