Trac-Grabber Imitations & Knock-Offs

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery.  When someone comes up with a great idea or product it is just a matter of time before it gets knocked off.  It may take a couple of years but it will happen.  And if it doesn't, then it probably wasn't that great of an idea in the first place. 

Such is the case with Trac-Grabbers, the new product that straps to the drive wheels of a stuck vehicle to enable a driver to single-handedly get their vehicle unstuck from mud, sand, or snow quickly and safely under the vehicles own power.

Original Trac-Grabber model for Cars, Mini-Vans, & ATV's


Since the invention of the automobile people have been getting stuck but until Trac-Grabber, there just wasn't a good solution.  And the most common reaction when people see them is "why didn't I think of that".  Well, we not only thought about it, but we took action.  We made prototypes, designed it, tested it, sourced the parts, branded it, packaged it, PATENTED it, and brought it to market.  Not an easy task, even for a product this simple.

But once sales started taking off so did the knock-offs.  First from Taiwan.  They stole the idea, the basic design, and in many cases even our images and photographs.  It is a big business.  While some imitations look nearly identical, others have distinctive differences such as buckles, pattern, materials, and color.



The photo above is actually a photo of the Original Trac-Grabber being used to advertise an imitation.  I know this because it is a picture that I personally took and the young lady installing the Trac-Grabber is my daughter.  This, however, is a photo being used to sell "FAKE" Trac-Grabbers.  And without going into great detail, the "fakes" being passed off as the originals are severely lacking in quality and materials.

Imitations have shown up on Amazon, EBay, and even Facebook.  Fortunately, all three of these power houses firmly support patents and do not have much tolerance for fakes and imitations.  Each has a strong policy on product protection and strictly enforces it.  We have also found that the major companies and retailers are very weary of the "fakes" and strongly favor the "original" protected products.

So while it can be very alarming at the first realization of a product you have nurtured into existence with a substantial investment of time and money being knocked off, in the end you will realize that it is actually the greatest compliment one can pay your product or invention.  And if you have done your proper research and development to create the best product you can with the best materials, highest quality, and sincere passion for the highest customer satisfaction, then you can just say thank you and move on.  This is the American way!

Jim Perry