Before heading home I decided to test Trac Grabbers out.

Hi TG, I recently advised how ludicrously expensive your Australian distributor was selling Trac Grabbers for. I have since discovered this was a misunderstanding due to a poorly worded email from Opposite Lock and in fact bought a pair this morning for $98AUD on the way to Teewah and Rainbow Beach today.

Before heading home I decided to test Trac Grabbers out. I found a bit of deep soft sand, reversed my Mitsubishi Triton into it in 2wd, put it in drive and floored it. The truck didn't move but it instantly sank to the axles. I got out, put 1 Trac Grabber on the rear passenger wheel, and leaving the truck in 2wd tried to drive out - nothing. Put the 2nd Trac Grabber on the rear drivers wheel, left it in 2wd and tried again - nothing. Oops...

I tried again this time in 4 high, no diff locks, and initially the front passenger wheel sank to the axle, put it in reverse (no shovelling sand, no diff locks) and in about 10 seconds of slow steady effort the car lifted itself up and out.

A friend who was with me previously suggested we should video it, but we both forgot until after the fact; he now plans to buy a pair.

These cost me $98AUD, take up less space than a shoebox, are light, easy to use, and very very effective. I can happily recommend them to my friends, you have a great product.

Jim Perry