Following a severe wreck my husband was suddenly away from our home…

“Following a severe wreck my husband was suddenly away from our home and property for four months. In a 24 hour time frame I found myself on 18 acres, taking care of 26 animals, bringing in supplies and doing all the routine daily chores that my husband and I usually did together.”

“I am 67 years young and do not have close family members who could come over to help. At this same time my washer and dryer went out within two weeks of each other and my 4-wheel drive truck became stuck behind my barn for 9 days in slick Georgia red clay.
I backpacked supplies to our house, 700 yards in the woods twice a day.
Each day I would go to the truck and put more and more rocks, limbs, kitty litter, etc in front and back of the tires and try to inch it a little bit out of the mud. Instead, the tires were spinning wildly and the ruts just got deeper each day.
Out of desperation, I googled “How to get a truck unstuck” on my phone which is the only internet connection I have. Instantly I found Trac-Grabber. Skeptically I called Trac-Grabber and explained my scenario to Jim Perry who rushed the next AM to the post office and mailed me the Trac-Grabbers. Jim seemed confident. I wasn’t so sure but I knew I had to try something.
When the Trac-Grabbers arrived I called my husband who had to be brought over since he was recovering from a broken leg and was on a walker. I figured he could supervise if nothing else.
The Trac-Grabbers were very easy to put on. I put one on each rear wheel. My husband put his walker in the back of the truck and drive the truck out of now 8” – 9” ruts in about 3 – 4 minutes. We were elated and amazed that the Trac-Grabbers really worked so well. My husband felt great about finally being able to get his truck unstuck.
We had tried everything. I was so far off the road that a wrecker could not get to our truck and all the debris had not worked. Only the Trac-Grabbers were successful. I would recommend this product to anyone – male or female. I carry them in my truck now at all times and I even got another set for my mother-in-law. I give them 5 stars for sure. Thank you Mr. Perry for your superior product.”

Janice Sloan Laney | Georgia

J.R. Longstaff