Winter Storm Wilbur to Deliver More Snow From Northern Rockies to Great Lakes

Spring has been delayed yet once again.  This time by Wilbur.  Wilbur will spread snow from the northern Rockies to the northern Great Lakes in the early part of this week.  Up to a foot of snow could pile up in parts of the upper Midwest and northern Great Lakes. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories have been issued by the National Weather Service from Montana and northern Wyoming into parts of the Dakaotas, northeastern Nebraska, Minnesota, northern Iowa and central Michigan.  With the storm warnings and winter weather advisories comes difficult and dangerous driving conditions.  Please take adequate safety measures if you must travel in these potentially dangerous conditions.  It is wise to have a set of Trac-Grabbers in your vehicle in the event that your vehicle becomes stuck in the snow.  Trac-Grabbers are recommended by AutoWeek as the Essential Winter Weather Gear to keep you and your family safe.  Visit for information on the easiest way to get a set for your vehicles.

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Jim Perry