Tire Traction Device

An Ultimate Guide on Tire Traction Straps & Devices and How They Work On the Go

Winters are one of the most cheerful times when the world is dressed in glittering snow. As we are very well acquainted with the fact that not everything that glitters is gold; the same is true when the snow amid cold wintry winds becomes a roadblock for vehicles on the go.

Winter is a wonderful time of the year, but it can bring a lot of unwanted consequences at our disposal, especially when we try making our way on the road. There’s nothing worse than a vehicle getting stuck in the snow while you try your best to get it up and running as soon as possible. Have you ever faced a vehicle stuck in a snowy situation? Are you way too bogged down with pleasant wintry weather experiences and don’t want to face it ever again? If yes, then a tire traction device can be your ultimate solution.

The good news is that these tire traction devices are always at your disposal! If you’re unsure of what these are, don’t worry! Stay tuned to this comprehensive guide on what tire traction devices are, how they work, and the different types are available.

The Ins and Outs of Tire Traction Devices

What Are They?

The best tire traction straps & devices are tools that drivers can lay hands on to help their tires achieve a better grip on the go. These devices are attached to your actual tire and work according to your tread to deliver a safer driving experience. 

Here’s a list of a few different types available to drivers:

Tire Chains: Tire traction tools, commonly known as tire chains, are the ones that are widely used and available to provide a better grip for your vehicle. As the name suggests, they are actual chains that drivers can easily put on their tires. They come in handy in drawing firm grip on the road and cutting through the snow.

GoClaws: This type of traction device makes the best possible use of spikes to upgrade your tires’ grip on the go. They’re laid down on the tire with the help of straps that attach to the “corners” of the tires.

AutoSocks: This new technology stands out as an impressive alternative to using tire spikes and chains. AutoSocks employs textile-based technology that wraps around your vehicles’ tires and helps you grip the road more evenly.

Tire Spikes: As compared to tire chains, tire spikes offer a much cleaner look and are easier to install. Most spikes are installed as one piece on the front face of the tire and the spike settles into the tread.

Traction Mats: If you’ve ever dived into an inclement territory and got stuck without spikes or chains, traction mats are what you can hold onto as a viable rescue. Drivers only need to lay these on the ground right in front of their vehicle tires to give them something to grip when in motion. They can easily free you from the clutches of thick mud or snow if you don’t have other tire traction devices to bank upon.

Final Thoughts

Traction devices are the superheroes behind the willingness you need to make your way out of a stuck-in-snow situation. Knowing about every kind of traction device you can tap on is the best way to stay a step ahead of whatever challenges come on the go.

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